Quartz and the National Fitness Campaign launched a statewide partnership to build ten, state-of-the-art outdoor Fitness Courts across communities in Wisconsin to activate public spaces, encourage a healthy lifestyle and create equitable access to outdoor exercise programs, the Fitness Court® will be a pillar of exercise throughout Wisconsin.
Application period is open until funding is exhausted.

A community-supported nonprofit that partners with and provides financial support for organizations building a new outdoor culture and improving health and well-being for all people. The three focus areas are connecting people outside, creating space outside and centering health outside. 
Must be recommended by a peer, organization or local store. 

The Wisconsin Outdoor Opportunity map shows places with good access to parks. It also shows areas that may need better access to outdoor recreation opportunities. Urban planners, public health practitioners and community members can use this map to help make changes in their communities and to improve every Wisconsinite’s access to outdoor recreation.

Park Rx America is committed to educating healthcare professionals and the public and to providing the tools to meet each individual's unique needs.

Health & Technology Partners is a social science research consulting firm dedicated to improving wellbeing through cooperative partnerships with healthcare providers, communities and natural resources.