DIY Economic Impact Report Workshop

​​​​​​​​​​Create your own economic impact report without hiring an economist or spending a fortune. In the Do-It-Yourself Economic Impact Report Workshop, you will learn how to gather relevant data and calculate economic figures specific to outdoor recreation activities and assets. Organizations, agencies and partnerships that manage trails, recreation areas or outdoor destinations are invited to participate in a one-of-a ​kind opportunity hosted by the Office of Outdoor Recreation. The free technical guidance and one-on-one coaching in this series will help you develop a custom report illustrating the economic value outdoor recreation provides your community.​​​​​​​

Participants will:
​ ​
  • Learn what types of data are needed to estimate economic impacts.
  • Understand how and when to use data from comparable studies.
  • Understand the basics for how and when to survey users or visitors to collect information.
  • Calculate estimated economic contributions using data gathered.
  • Learn how to organize and analyze available data to tell a compelling story.
  • Receive support from the Wisconsin Office of Outdoor Recreation to produce a report based on findings.
​The DIY Economic Impact Report Wo​​rkshop​ consists of a series of two virtual workshops, plus virtual one-on-one coaching with The Harbinger Consultancy and a wrap-up event to generate excitement about how outdoor recreation supports your community.

Save the Date​

Two 90-minute​ virtual workshops will take place on Wednesdays at noon:

March 20, 2024 ​​​​
April 3, 2024​​​


Space is limited. Any organization interested must complete a brief application​ to be considered. Approximately 6 – 8 organizations will be selected to participate. Each participating organization can have up to three team members. There is no cost to participate.

Some homework will be required, including pre-workshop reading, reviewing online resources, researching data and potentially surveying users. While the same individual does not need to attend all three sessions (two virtual workshops and virtual one-on-one coaching sessions)​, at least one individual from each team must be present at each session. Sessions will be recorded for teams to review.

The application period has closed.

Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Desire to understand the economic contributions of an outdoor recreation activity or asset, existing or planned.
  • Commitment of at least one person from the organization or team to attend each workshop.
  • Ability to complete homework and provide necessary content for the economic impact report​.
  • Plans to involve colleagues or stakeholders in the​​ workshop process of developing the final report.
  • Strategy to utilize the economic impact report to advance or support outdoor recreation.
  • Interest in participating in a series wrap-up event to release the economic impact reports.


Please contact the Office of Outdoor Recreation with any questions about the workshop series or the application process.​

About The Harbinger Consultancy

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Michele Archie is a principal of The Harbinger Consultancy, leading its work in collaborative regional economic analyses, economic impact projections, visitor and resident surveys and outdoor recreation assessments. Michele has led more than three dozen such studies for national and state parks, World Heritage Sites, trails and other recreational and protected areas across the United States. She develops and conducts online courses for land trusts, trail advocates, outdoor recreation economy builders, community leaders and community economic development professionals. ​